Academic Words that Start with A and "Word Families" | Part 7

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★Academic Words that Start with A and "Word Families" | Part 7 ★SUBSCRIBE ► ★Thank you for helping us reach 10,000 Subscribers. Thank you very much. Thanks for every Like, Share, and Comment! ■ Special thank you to webmasters on We really appreciate your hard work. ►You can visit their website here: ★ You can watch more videos in these playlists below: Academic Words ► SAT Words ► The Oxford 3000 Words ► English is a common language to many people of the world. It is also a formal language for many countries even in Africa. However, despite the vast spread of the language and its adoption, many people do not have a grasp on the academic words in the language. Most of the people who speak it only know the common simple words that are mainly used in conversations. Learning the vocabulary of the language is important in expressing ideas in a more specific and on the point approach. Learning the vocabulary of the language is as important as learning the language itself. ★Reasons why it is important to learn English academic words It enables us to be able to express our feelings, ideas and even thoughts better. This is because having a grasp of the different and related vocabulary ensures that we have a wide range of vocabulary to select from when we are communicating. This is because there are words that are more specific and appropriate than others when presenting ideas. It allows us to easily understand what other people are trying to say. This is because other people may have more understanding of the academic words than we do. When communicating with them, it may be difficult for us to catch up because the context will be filled with words we are not familiar with. It also enables us to interpret information correctly. Having little knowledge on academic words may affect how we translate documents and other sources of academic information. We may misinterpret the contexts in which the words are used and end up getting the unintended information. Learning English academic words also enables us to have confidence in our reading and presentation of information. This is because we will not have to keep on repeating the same vocabulary over and over again as we present our ideas. Use of different terms of the same word may enable us to be more persuasive in the presentation of information and ideas. It also gives people a good image of us which in turn leads to boosting our self-esteem. ★How to learn more English academic words Watch television shows that are aired in English and note down the new words you hear. Do research on the words and find their meanings and the different ways in which they can be used. Try using the new words you have learnt in casual conversations until you have fully mastered them. You can play language games with your friends and ask them to use certain vocabularies in sentences. This will be a lot of fun which will make it easy for you to remember. Watching video tutorials. This makes it easier because you do not have to write down anything, all the new words are written in subtitles and explained in depth. ★References►►►►► ■This video uses material from MultiWordNet that is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. MultiWordNet► ■This video has gained a permission to use data from The Academic Vocabulary List on "". If you have any questions or concern about the information, please contact us via email:


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