2018 Mustang GT Hellion Street Sleeper - Dyno and Track Results!!

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Ken Bjonnes

2018 Mustang GT Hellion Street Sleeper - Dyno and Track Results!!. 2018 HELLION MUSTANG RAN 9.7 1/4 MILE!!. Hellion Street Sleeper Dyno Numbers VS Twin Screw!!!. HELLION STREET SLEEPER MUSTANG GOES 9.84 ON 20'S!!!!!. DYNO - 2018 Mustang GT Hellion Twin Turbo Sleeper Kit Is A Beast!. 2018 Hellion Street Sleeper Twin Turbo: Project Lulla-BYE has begun!. HELLION STREET SLEEPER 2018 MUSTANG GT ----809 RWHP!. The Most Sleeper Mustang Ever - The XXXHP Mustang GT. 2018 Mustang GT STREET SLEEPER 743 HP-- Walmart 91 octane!. 2015 - 2018 Mustang Twin Turbo Sleeper Kits By Hellion!!! Game Changer!!!. [email protected] - Twin Turbo Mustang GT with Stock Engine!. 2018 TWIN TURBO MUSTANG takes on 900hp ZR1, TT Camaro, YSI C6 & 850hp Paxton 5.0 on THE STREET!!!. Hellion Twin Turbo S550 VMP tuned! Sleeper if i ever saw one. 2018 Mustang GT makes 900+rwhp on stock motor : Lethal Performance's Project Goldmember. Sick 2018 Mustang GT 10R80 Twin Turbo 6266 Hellion Kit Install With Other Supporting Mods. Hellion "Street Sleeper" Twin Turbo System for S550 Ford Mustang GT. 9 SEC SLEEPER! DAILY DRIVER! '16 5.0 GT MUSTANG! HELLION TWIN TURBO! BYRON DRAGWAY!. HELLION 2018 MUSTANG GT 1194 HP DYNO!. DYNO TUNING THE WHIPPLE S550! ** INSANE RESULTS!!!. 2018 GT 10R80 9.4 at 150 MPH STOCK ENGINE AND TRANS!.

Check out Mike Cochrane's badass 2018 A10 Automatic Hellion Turbo Street Sleeper setup! Yesterday we got it tuned up on 93 octane and took it to the track for some shakedown passes! Check out the video to see the results!